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It was few weeks after I won the Manga Jiman competition that Emily contacted me asking if I was willing to draw a manga for her “fiancé” who loves manga a lot!  She wanted to give him a manga as a wedding gift.

And I immediately thought: “How cute is this!” 

I answered her email positively and so began our adventure!. 

The Steps

1)    Choosing the Plot
First of all, we had to decide exactly what to tell in this story.  After the first few e-mail exchanges, which included my request to learn the plot or at least some guidelines, we made up our minds: we were going to tell the story of the night Adrian proposed to her. 

2)    Taking pictures of the places were the actions in the story had taken place
Emily and I met to take pictures of the places involved in the story: the radio station building, the pub, Hammersmith Bridge, the garden and the balcony where they had their celebration toast.

3)    Creating the characters
As I gathered all the basic information, I requested few pictures of the main characters of the story: Emily and Adrian, and I started creating their “manga alter egos”. 
As Emily and I created their new manga selves, we decided to change the details of the clothes they were really wearing that night.  I also paid attention to a few of the objects that were going to appear in our manga storyline, making sure to incorporate all the important details.
4)    The Screenplay and the treatment
Through extensive e-mail exchanges over three months, we came up with all the details we could insert in 10-12 pages, aiming at expressing Adrian's tender anxiety and Emily's reactions.  Adrian wanted to give Emily the ring in the most special and romantic way possible, and Emily reacted to the proposal in a funny way when she started jumping around and going nuts.

It took a lot of work to get the plot just right!  

Anyway, this is it.

That night, Adrian hadn’t actually planned to propose.  He had been carrying the engagement ring (Emily’s grandmother's ring) around for a week and was waiting for just the right moment to give it to Emily. That night, when they left the radio station where they were both working, they went to the local pub, had a great time, and he felt like it was the right time!  So, during their walk along the Thames, at the garden close to Hammersmith Bridge, under a tree (the same tree of their first rendezvous) he kneeled down and proposed!

5)    The Storyboard
For few days, I worked on the storyboard. It was not the easiest part, but rather one of the most creative as you need to find the right combination of panel sizes, framings, balloons, and facial expressions. Once we agreed on the storyboard, I was able to move to the following phase.
6)    The Drawing, Inking, Screen-toning
I started drawing frame by frame, page by page, then inking it all by hand and finally adding the screen-tones by computer.

The Printing
We worked with a professional comic printer and Emily ordered the number of copies she wanted.

The Final Results
Emily was so VERY satisfied with the “product” she received that she even invited me to the wedding! 

Emily Hadad
05/21/2013 6:12am

As one the "stars" of the comic, I can 100% recommend Elena as a Manga artist - Adrian LOVED his gift, and our house even has large scale poster prints of the pages plastered all over the walls! Thanks so much, Elena - you've given us something really special that we'll treasure forever. Emily xxx


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manga on commission